Summit Tooling has been featured in trade magazines, as a leader in the industry.


Competitive Mold Maker, January 2018, Volume 23 / No 1

In this article we discuss how the automation of mills and EDMS reshapes over Summit Tooling’s mold making.

MoldMaking Technology, December 2014, Volume 17 / Issue 12
Featured as the cover story for Case Study / Mold Repair.

In this article we discuss the integration of new technology and the role it plays in the reduction of turnaround time.


EDM Today, Spring 2012, Volume 21/ Issue 2
Featured as the cover story for New Technologies with Drive and Innovation.

In this article we demonstrate and explain how some of the latest CNC EDM technology, accompanied with precision hole popping, can improve capabilities and deliveries.


Another notable fact is Summit Tooling is a beta shop for Mastercam tool-pathing software. We receive the latest software before it hits the market for testing and we are asked our opinion of this latest software. This is direct customer feedback to improve Mastercam’s product. This speaks volumes to Mastercam’s opinion of our organization!

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